Abby's Garden Resort Gazebo

What adds up to the making of a perfect celebration is a venue that complements the bliss of the moment. The Gazebo and the Garden in Abby’s Garden Resort is a great option if you would opt for an outdoor celebration like weddings, debuts, anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, and other intimate occasions. The Gazebo is in the middle of the pool area and the garden. It is also elevated and this is what makes it a better option for wedding receptions where the presidential table is often situated.

Features and Rates:

  • capacity of 150-500 persons
  • situated in the middle of the resort facilities
  • P 40,000.00 – (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)P 25,000.00 – (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday)
  • *Rate updated on February 1, 2014 

    *Pool Fee
    Adult – P 150.00/head
    Children – P 75.00/head