Watch out for More this Summer from Abby’s Garden Resort
February 25, 2010

The Hotel

The Hotel in Abby’s Garden Resort exudes a homey appeal. The Mediterranean/European style interior design has the coziness that allures you to a day or a night’s stay in the hotel. If you are seeking for tranquility enveloped in elegance, this is your perfect hideaway. The eight hotel rooms were named after some cities and towns in England and Scotland. These are: Guilford, Cranleigh, Clandon, Bramley, Ewhurst, Bramshot, Paisly, and Glasgow. So it’s like being in a foreign land without really leaving the Philippines.

What exactly is the Mediterranean/European style interior design? Let’s call it simply as Mediterranean style. It has the carefree and casual appeal infused with the exquisiteness of nature. The Mediterranean region is known for its sparkling seas, the warm sunlit days, and the vibrant blooms around. These are apparent in interior designs of houses and other structures in this region in terms of colors, textures, and furnitures.

In Abby’s Hotel, the colors dominating in the rooms are vibrant and earthy with shades of yellow, green, rustic brown, and red. These colors produces the coziness in each room, dashed with the kind of elegance that is not too complicated.

What makes the hotel very Mediterranean is its vicinity. Across the hotel is the pool area and the garden. The cool blue of the pool water sparkles when the sun’s rays hit it. The coolness of the water matches the refreshing greens of the garden. You can have a clearer better view if you would see all these from the hotel’s balcony.

But if you want an area in the resort where you can have a simple personal retreat, go to the hotel’s roof top and let the calming breeze wrap you. Here, you can view not just the resort below but the entire neighborhood as well. But not only that. The roof top generously provides you the view of some foothills and of the sea which is a hundred meters away from the back of the resort.

Have your next weekend getaway and make Abby’s Garden Resort your first stop. This is where moments are made special and memories are weaved to last a lifetime.

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