Comfortable Hotel Rooms for Taal Basilica Tourists

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Hotel Accommodations for Taal Basilica TouristsApart from the Holy Week and the feast day celebration of St. Martin de Tours (which is every November 11th), there seems to be an influx of tourists for the months of July and August. Well, this is just based on annual observation and no specific study has been conducted regarding this.

Most of these tourists are conducting day tours around town – tracing the streets of the Heritage Town to satisfy the lenses of their cameras, digesting a good chunk of historical information from each ancestral houses they get into, munching on Taal’s infamous empanada, and probably yearning to find some place to relax as it could get too hot around town.

That’s what Abby’s Garden Resort is here for. Probably some tourists would opt to stay in town Read more

Looking for a Hotel in Taal, Batangas?

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You can’t find a lovely and comfortable hotel in Taal, Batangas. Wrong. Abby’s Garden Resort has eight hotel rooms, all Meditteranean-style inspired. The hotel has three family suites and five deluxe rooms all fit for an overnight stay.

Taal is known for its old landmarks and rich cultural heritage. But as a popular tourist destination here in Batangas, Taal needs to keep up with the growth of the tourism industry in the country and the rest of the world. Read more

Driving Down the Old Town of Taal

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Wondering of day tour activities you can do in Taal, Batangas?

Driving around an old town as Taal could be one interesting joyride. It’s a paradise for people who can get enough of cultural landmarks such as a centuries-old church and ancient Hispanic houses.

And when you get to visit Taal, have a relaxing retreat at Abby’s Garden Resort Hotel & Restaurant where you can enjoy the day as it wound down or stay for the night in their very comfortable European-inspired hotel rooms. Read more