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May 12, 2010
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A garden wedding allows the couple for a more personalized celebration. They have the choice where and how to do the ceremony – they can have it as simple as it could get or as grand as they dream it to be.

When a couple decides to have a garden wedding, they can save up on decorations since the garden is lovely as it is and they only have to bring in some covered chairs or benches for the ceremony. Ornaments can also be lessened for the reception area, the lesser the better.

Well it actually depends on the couple’s choice and on their budget of course. A garden wedding can be made more intimate at night but you can appreciate the concept of being one with nature on your special day if you have it in the morning or in the afternoon.

When choosing a garden as venue for your wedding, you have to have a plan B and C if in case a sudden downpour occurs. Try for a garden with gazebos so the rain won’t drench your guests.

The good thing about a garden wedding is you can also limit the number of your guests especially if you want a more private celebration. You can just invite the most important people for the both of you.

Abby’s Garden Resort, Taal, Batangas has a garden with enough space to accommodate your chosen guests for your wedding. We also have a gazebo that could be the main stage of the ceremony. The swimming pool is located across the gazebo so you can also make use of it by putting some floating candles and flower pots for aesthetic purposes.

Take advantage of the natural elegance of a garden wedding. Celebrate life and love!

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