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venue for debut party in Taal, BatangasGirls always want to have a memorable party especially on their 18th birthday. Here in the Philippines, parents from the upper-class usually throw a big party for their young lady’s special day. Of course, there are a lot of preparations and party planning is no easy task.

Now if you are the debutante or was just assigned to organize a debut party, here are the important things you have to prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime event for a girl.

These debut party planning tips are from

· Book a venue for your debut. Take into consideration how many people you need to accommodate. Scout out locations in and out of town until you find just the place that suits your personality. Request brochures and pricing for two to three venues that appeal to you and book one at least one year in advance.

· Create a guest list. Consult your parents regarding which friends, coworkers and relatives to invite. Determine the ideal number of guests and work hard to limit your guest list to that number. Remember to include those with whom you want to connect once you’ve entered society.

· Order and send out invitations. Choose an invitation that is every bit as elegant as your event. Invitations in white, ivory or pastel colors with black, gold or silver lettering are ideal for a debutante event. Select a heavy, textured card stock to give your invitations a touch of class.

· Book a caterer. Ask friends and family to recommend caterers who’ve done a bang-up job for them in the past. Schedule a tasting with the top two or three caterers on your list. Draw up a tentative menu yet remain open to suggestions from the company you hire. Keep your eye on the costs when budget is a consideration.

· Select the dress of your dreams. No matter how many shops you have to visit or designers you must meet with, ensure that you select the dress that makes you feel like a princess. Dresses for an 18th debut often are white or pale in color. Scour magazines, websites and shops to locate a dress that flatters your figure and coloring. Take along a friend or family member to gain a second opinion as to the style and suitability of your dress.

· Attend to the details of your appearance such as your hair, makeup and accessories. Meet with a stylist well in advance to discuss a look for your debut. Bring a photo of your gown to give your stylist an idea of the look you want to achieve. Hire a makeup artist to do your face for the day. Purchase jewelry that compliments your dress, makeup and hairstyle. Remember that less is more and leave the bling at home.

Venue is a very important thing to consider when preparing a debut party. Abby’s Garden Resort can be your venue, contact us and let us make this event very memorable.

Photo: Debut party arrangement at Abby’s Garden Resort for Desiree Magsino (photo courtesy of Barry Endozo Photography)

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