Celebrate Mother’s Day at Abby’s Garden Resort
May 2, 2012
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May 17, 2012

Travel time from Manila to Taal, Batangas takes approximately 2.5 hours if you’re taking public transport. So if you’re just up for a day tour in our resort, we suggest you leave Manila as early as 5am.

From the town proper, you can reach Abby’s Garden Resort in 5 to 8 minutes.

Abby's Garden Resort day tourBelow are some tips on how to enjoy a day tour in Abby’s Garden Resort with side trips around Taal.

1. Make sure you are detached from anything that has connection with work or whatever is stressing you out. That’s why it’s called daycation (day vacation). Doing this includes not bringing your laptops with you.

2. If you arrive in our resort at around 7:30am, settle yourselves in our hotel then afterwards, have your breakfast. If you don’t have food along with you, we can have meals prepared for you (on extra charge).

3. At 9am after you have your breakfast and a little rest, enjoy our swimming pool until 10am if you’re conscious about the sun’s harmful rays. Check this post about skincare tips.

4. You can enjoy the garden, have an impromptu picnic and catch up on what you’ve been missing on each other (whoever you are with).

5. Have your lunch either in the resort or around town, which is also a good segue to your trip in the Heritage Town. Dine in at a restaurant that has tapang Taal in their menu.

going around the Heritage Town - Taal, Batangas6. Start your field trip around Taal. First stop, visit the largest Catholic Church in Asia, the Basilica of St. Martin de Tours. Then roam around the Heritage Village where you’d get to see the ancestral houses of the most notable families in town and even in the whole of Batangas. Casa Conchita is the house of Ogie Alcasid’s family, who are natives of Taal.

7. Taal, with its Vigan-like heritage village, is an interesting location for photo-ops. So make sure you bring along a reliable camera to capture moments of your Taal visit.

8. Go to the Taal Public Market. Here are what you should bring home with you: tapang Taal, panutsa, longganisa, suman, and their very delicious empanada. Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss checking out stores that sell Batangas balisong (butterfly knife).

Taal empanada9. At around 2:30pm, you can head back to Abby’s for an afternoon snooze. Our comfortable hotel rooms will lull you to sleep. By 3:30pm, you can either take another dip into the pool or munch in some of the empanadas and suman you bought from the market.

10. By 5:00pm, you can head back home from a fun-filled daycation!

In case you still don’t have plans for your mother or your wife on May 13th, you can spend Mother’s Day here in Abby’s Garden Resort.

Photos from our Facebook Page and WOWBatangas.com.


  1. RALPH says:

    Please send details regarding Day tour, Hotel rates & packages.

  2. angie evangelista says:

    hi sir james! kindly send me quotation for an overnight stay at your hotel, most probably we’re 20 (kids&adults) for Dec 25. can we bring-in food for our dinner? if so, are we going to bring too the eating utensils? how about the breakfast is it free or with additional charge? tnx much sir james.

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