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November 25, 2013
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January 27, 2015

Fun ways to make wedding reception unforgettable

Bigger. Grander. Fiercer. Bolder. These are the descriptions of a modern day, upgraded version of a wedding reception. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and explore spontaneous innovations on how to make the party come alive and more memorable.

Consider to make every guest remember they had a great time celebrating with you, newlyweds. Here are some of untraditional ways to enjoy a blissful reception.

1. Memory Lane

Post old pictures of the two of you, from your baby pictures to the most recent, in monochrome. Perfectly clutter it around a corkboard. Then, let guests pin messages, comments, and memories in colorful sticky notes.

2. Game Sheets

Create crossword puzzles with trivia of the two of you that your own relatives don’t know. Share some things that both of you enjoy or just spill some secrets that the two of you had been keeping. Write sentimental messages on how grateful you both are that they have attended your wedding. You can also let this be a memento or giveaway of your wedding celebration.

3. Wedding Singer

Hire someone or a band to sing and make you and your families dance on the stage. You could also request them to sing slow or very rhythmic music. Your friends will never forget how they enjoyed a good groove on the dance floor and how your parents remember to dance into their favorite love song.

4. Extraordinary Photobooth

Out with the old, in with the new. Don’t settle for the traditional goofy photobooths. With a perfect background, a chalkboard and minimal (appropriate) props, let your guests take a photo of themselves with a written message on the chalkboard as they go for a pose. You can keep both copies. You can compile it that will serve as remembrance that they have attended and celebrated your wedding vows.

5. #OfficiallyHusbandAndWife

Keep the venue wifi-zoned. Think of a unique phrase to hashtag, and let it trend on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This will be a great way to announce what’s already happening in the party. This can also serve as an update for relatives and friends who can’t make it to your wedding. Surely, you will enjoy to browse all posts after the party or while you’re away in your honeymoon.

There are so many innovative ways to make your wedding reception livelier and worth remembering. You can twist and turn traditions that will suit you. Don’t be afraid to embrace new ideas. It’s uniqueness might be the answer for your guests’ hangover.

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